35 Hilarious Chinese Translation Fails

China is fascinating, and visiting it is bound to leave you with some amazing impressions. Sometimes, however, the English-speaking guests might have some difficulties finding their way around the country. Due to poor English knowledge and clumsy translation, signs that are supposed to help you out, only end up causing outbursts of unstoppable laughter!

Inspired by Buzzfeed’s “22 Chinese Signs That Got Seriously Lost In Translation”, we decided to make our own list of hilarious translation fails in China. And yes, there are definitely enough of them for many more such compilations! Check these out, so that if you ever do go to China, you wouldn’t be too surprised about fresh crap in fish tanks and wild germs that hate soup. Oh, and never order the greenstuff!


F*** Vegetables



“干菜” means dried vegetables and “类” means type. So as a whole, it should be the dried vegetables section. The translator was way too concerned about the Chinese character “干” which is also a slang for f***.” (Image credits: chinalert.com)

Don’t Order the Greenstuffs!



Image credits: MFinChina

Hand Grenade



Image credits: imgur.com

Slip and Fall Down Carefully!



Image credits: tinypic.com




Image credits: MFinChina

Beware of Missing Foot



Image credits: Chris Radley

The Wild Germ Hates Soup



Image credits: David Feng

Potato the Crap



Image credits: Andy Stoll

Stupid Beans



Image credits: MFinChina

Grab Me Now!



Image credits: unknown





Image credits: AtticDweller




Image credits: sousveillance

Wang Had to Burn



Image credits: mursu909

Fresh Crap



Image credits: offbeatchina.com

Cat Ear or..?



Image credits: joshbateman

You Are the Best!



Image credits: imgur.com

Evil Rubbish



Image credits: engrish.com

Poor Duck…



Image credits: offbeatchina.com

One of Those Time Sex Things…



Image credits: keso

No Shitting



Image credits: TrevinC

Beware of Safety



Image credits: Chris Radley

Don’t Be Edible



Image credits: dingadingdang




Image credits: stefan

Crap Stick



Image credits: mtrank




Image credits: megoizzy




Image credits: imgur.com

No Discunt



Image credits: AtticDweller

Don’t Touch Yourself



Image credits: offbeatchina.com

Racist Park



Image credits: offbeatchina.com

Execution in Progress



Image credits: chinawhisper.com

Reverse Psychology



Image credits: chinawhisper.com

New Flavor



Image credits: imgur.com

Unlike Put Your Shoes On My Face



Image credits: buzzfeed.com

Cheap, Fast & Easy



Image credits: mstaken.com

Do Not Disturb



Image credits   imgur.com


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